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How A Thanksgiving Meal Became A Beloved Pet

No one told me. No one prepared me that I would step into a world where a pet would own me as much as I owned it. A pet that assigned me a special greeting alerted to strangers as far as a dog and demanded attention as much as a cat. No one else uttered insane phrases like, “I have to get back home for “cushion time.” Confused looks were the unusual response, but I did not have the time to explain. “Cushion time” occurred every evening that summer.  Darjeeling would be waiting before he went to roost. I would place a patio chair cushion on the lawn and a large, forty pound, Broad Breasted Brown turkey would clamber into my lap, lay his head in my arms, and be serenaded to sleep. Darjeeling lived to the ripe old age of 18 months when he lumbered onto my lap for the last time. I did not understand that I would have a pet for such a small amount of time. But Darjeeling was one of the lucky ones. No one prepared me for the horror that a simple trip to the grocery store around Tha…

The Third Victim in a Murder/Suicide Mountain Tragedy, Part Two

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Part Two   
     After the Episode 8, Season 7, “Manifesto” aired on Homicide Hunter, October 26th, 2017, I filtered through the comments left on the show’s Facebook page. Here is a man apparently upset about the facts surrounding the car Adam Cooper stole. I messaged him and found out he OWNED the two-door 1990 red Plymouth Lazer and agreed to give us more information. We were so wrong about a lot of facts. I should have named the blog title, The Many Victims of a Murder/Suicide Mountain Tragedy. Thank you to Matt Sherwood for your help!
     First of all, I want to help with logistics in case you have not visited Colorado. Colorado Springs sits in the middle of our state. Monument is 12 miles north of the edge of Colorado Springs. Palmer Lake is 3.5 miles Northwest of Monument. One of the local newspapers reported that Adam Cooper was living with his mother in Monument.  Adam was a roommate of Matt Sherwood, and t…