The Third Victim in a Murder/Suicide Mountain Tragedy, Part Two

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Part Two   
     After the Episode 8, Season 7, “Manifesto” aired on Homicide Hunter, October 26th, 2017, I filtered through the comments left on the show’s Facebook page. Here is a man apparently upset about the facts surrounding the car Adam Cooper stole. I messaged him and found out he OWNED the two-door 1990 red Plymouth Lazer and agreed to give us more information. We were so wrong about a lot of facts. I should have named the blog title, The Many Victims of a Murder/Suicide Mountain Tragedy. Thank you to Matt Sherwood for your help!
     First of all, I want to help with logistics in case you have not visited Colorado. Colorado Springs sits in the middle of our state. Monument is 12 miles north of the edge of Colorado Springs. Palmer Lake is 3.5 miles Northwest of Monument. One of the local newspapers reported that Adam Cooper was living with his mother in Monument.  Adam was a roommate of Matt Sherwood, and they were living in a town home complex known as the Knolls, above West Uintah Street in Colorado Springs. (Horrifying enough, that was a couple of blocks from our family! We have a similar feeling as neighbors of Jeffery Dahmer and never knew it….till after the killings). They worked together at two different landscaping businesses, a Monument and a Colorado Springs-based landscape companies. At the time, Cooper’s mom had MS, and because his adoptive father left her with no money, the Monument landscaping company was paying her utility bills. While at work, Cooper started hinting about wanting to buy a shotgun.
Example of a two-door 1990 red, Plymouth Lazer

     On October 1st, 1995, Cooper stole Sherwood’s car. He did not know that it was his roommate that “borrowed” his car and called the CSPD to file a stolen car report. Not only did Adam take the car but he took Matt’s motorcycle gear and his police scanner. All of these items were in the cabin; unfortunately, Cooper was wearing Matt’s motorcycle gear when he committed suicide with the pistol to his head. The same day Cooper took Matt’s car he left roses on his “girlfriend’s” car. She was an infatuation and was only sixteen, living in Palmer Lake. Remember, Cooper was twenty-eight years old. They did not date. He obtained the girl’s phone number which upon calling her, intercepted by her angry father. The sight of the roses terrified the girl because she knew that Adam would not quickly let her go.  I was led to believe that Adam had attempted to kill his adopted father and when that failed, he drove to find his girlfriend to kill her. Not according to Sherwood.
     After delivering the ill-received roses, Adam skips a mandatory parole meeting on the 4th. Cooper was on probation for two years from serving time for burglary. Off to Denver to visit friends on the 5th for a few days until the 9th. He must have driven to Central City where he broke into a cabin and stole the shotgun that would end Deputy Holloway’s life. When Sherwood’s car was returned to him, the interior contained an unfamiliar checkbook, a receipt for ammunition which matched the spent and unspent shotgun shells.  The car’s mileage was increased by 700 miles. Cooper did not drive to California, as we had thought, a 1500+ journey from Colorado. If he went to California, AND returned, the mileage would have increased by only 3,000+ miles. From his apartment to the cabin was 30 miles. His complete trip from his apartment to Central City and then to the cabin would have been 103 miles, x 2 = 206 miles. So, we have 494+/- missing miles. From Denver to Central City the round trip would have added only 76ish miles on the car. A Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph paper, (October 18th, 1995, front page) falsely reported the vehicle had 4,000 additional miles!
     Next stop was a letter written to Cooper’s mother that he dropped into the mail in Colorado Springs on the 10th telling her goodbye as he needed to end his life. (Imagine receiving THAT letter, poor woman!) Then, he drove to Teller County and broke into our family’s cabin, and the rest is horrible history. So, why do we care about all these years? Because facts surrounding the events do not add up, items that we believed were true are getting a new light. Matt Sherwood said that Adam Cooper was an intelligent guy that did not fit the profile of a psycho killer. As a result, Cooper has become an object of study for the Psychological Field and the Deputy Sheriff, Brent Holloway’s murder has become a training ground on prevention for the Colorado Law Enforcement. A small condolence to the immeasurable loss suffered by Holloway’s and Cooper’s families.

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