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Garden of the Gods Blue Frame Photo Op: Violation of Cultural Landscapes

I hate Rainbow Falls! There, I said it! Rainbow Falls, located at the extreme west end of Manitou Springs/beginning of Ute Pass. A road construction over the beautiful landmark, using a Mohawk hair design style, straight over her tributary. In my opinion, graffiti that lies outside a commercial landscape is not art. Adding it to natural rock formations, trees, dirt does not improve the medium? Why does one feel the need to place their mark on nature? Why obscure the original beauty that took billions of years to create and humankind says, “Just let me add a toluene, xylene, and acetone, three headed baby inducing, icing to make that rock complete…” Imagine my horror at the addition of a BLUE frame structure to the Garden of the Gods Park. Horrible memories of twenty-five years ago come crashing through my head.      I live in Manitou Springs and have been an active Historic Preservation Commissioner for the past eight years. I live & breathe history to defend our collective m…